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Rules & Regulations
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Our Rules & Regulations


A. The Club shall have the unqualified right to make such rules, regulations and restrictions in the use of the Club property as it may deem necessary.
B. Right of admission is reserved.
C. All instructions & signs posted in the Club shall be considered as part of the rules and regulations.
D. Membership fee is non-refundable & non-transferable.
E. The club has the right to change fee & charges for services and facilities accordingly.
F. Any member who is loud, offensive, and bothersome to other members or behaves otherwise in an unbecoming manner or who is cited for infraction of rules and regulations may be suspended or expelled from the Club. In the event of termination, the unused portion of any advanced payment shall be forfeited to the Club.

G. Hours of operation are posted at Club and are subject to changes as Club utilization dictates.
H. Members can not visit gym in drunken condition. NO SMOKING shall be permitted on the Club premises.
I. All members must sign in at the reception desk on entering the Club.
J. Members must display membership cards every time they enter the Club. Members will not be allowed to enter the club without membership Cards.
K. Club services may only be used by Olympia fitness planet members in good standing. A member whose basic Olympia fitness planet membership (i.e. Health Club membership) has expired must renew in order to take advantage of his privileges.
L. The club is not responsible for Lost and Found items.
M. Always consult your health care professional or doctor before starting any training or diet program.
N. Parking is at owner’s risk


A. Members must be properly attired in standard workout clothes (i.e. Track pent, Gym shorts, t- shirt covering the chest and back) at all times in the Club.
B. Members have to keep separate pair of sports shoes for gym, which they have to change at gym premises Dirty shoes or shoes worn outside are not allowed in any case. Leather shoes, Socks and Sandals are not allowed.
C. Profanity is not allowed in the gym.
D. Members shall not yell or scream in the premises of gym.
E. Self training is not allowed. There will be a proper training program prepared after counseling which members will follow up.
F. Use of the equipment will be instructed by Program Directors.
G. Return weights to proper rack when finished.
H. Have a “spotter” when using heavy weights.
I. No littering or leaving debris on the gym floor is allowed.
J. Members who sweat profusely are required to use towels when using the equipment.
K. No dropping of the weights is allowed.
L. Use of hair dyes at the Club is strictly forbidden.
M. Shaving in the spa is strictly forbidden.
N. Members are required to shower prior to massages, steam and sauna.
O. Eatables are not allowed on the gym premises.
P. Lockers are meant for keeping sports kit & clothes only. No personal belonging (i.e. bags, purses, extra clothing, cell-phones, jewelry etc.) is allowed in club. Club management is not responsible for any member’s belongings or belongings kept in lockers. Belongings must be collected from daily lockers while leaving. The Club does not accept responsibility for items removed from lockers.
Q. No member shall solicit or perform personal training services on the premises.
R. Members are not allowed to bring their kids.
S. The Club reserves the right to refuse anyone who is not property attired and/or personally clean.



Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the Club except for attendance of classes and events organized especially for them.

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